Malaysian women weave low-carbon baskets
Green Purchasing Asia, November 23, 2011

Over the last eight years, Salaam Wanita in Malaysia has helped at least 300 disadvantaged women work from home. The project by eHomemakers teaches women to weave eco-baskets from old magazines, which are then varnished for water-resistance. YTL-SVCarbon Sdn Bhd helped Salaam Wanita calculate the carbon footprint of the various-sized baskets to be between 0.54 and 9.98 kg of CO2 (excluding shipping) per basket. Soo Yoke Cheng, a single mother, depends on basket weaving to feed her school-going children. Agila, who suffers from a nerve disease, partly finances her medicine bills through work done in this project. At least 70% of the basket price goes to their makers, way above Fair Trade requirements of 25%. The project depends mainly on corporate buyers to keep production going. Baskets are also sold online at